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“We will eventually discover that consciousness itself is an expression of the physical body. As such, consciousness participates in the continuous creation of either health or illness.”


-Richard Gerber, M.D., Vibrational Medicine


The Color of the Week

Self-Healing Program





Each week of the year, focus your attention on one of 52 Colors of consciousness in the ColorPrint System.  Learn more about yourself, understand others, and enhance personal growth.


The Program includes:


- A 30-40-minute conference call every week with Jamie Champion, developer of The ColorPrint Personality Profiling System.


- Free MP3 audio download of the call available online for 4 weeks following the call.


- Written materials to download, including Color descriptions, exercises, and recipes.


- Access to a bulletin board on our website where you may connect with other people in The Color of the Week Self-Healing Program, discuss your experiences, share book and movie ideas that have a Color’s theme, ponder over colorful anecdotes, and more.


Each call will focus on one Color and will include:


Positive and shadow aspects of the Color, corresponding affirmations and healing sounds, its relationship to physical and emotional health, plus more ideas to strengthen this part of your nature.


WHEN: Available by 6 p.m. EST Each Friday


COTW Basic ~ $19.95/mo.


COTW Plus ~ $29.95/mo.

Includes 1 ColorEssence/month in addition to COTW (our choice; shipped first of each month)


COTW Deluxe  ~ $59.95/mo.

Includes all weekly corresponding ColorEssences

Shipped first of each month

By the end of the year, you’ll own the whole set!


Join Any Time of Year and Receive Four Weeks of Info Free




To join call (434) 361-2042





*   You are invited to have as many family members on the call by

      speaker phone, or using multiple phones on the same line.

 *   Please, only one line per household.

   Charged to a credit or debit card on the first of each month.

 *   You may cancel at any time. 

 *   Downloads of call and written materials of each Color will be

      available online for 3 weeks following each call.



NO RISK! Money back guarantee for the first 90 days!!


          It’s not necessary for a person to know their ColorPrint to get value out of these calls.  Understanding all of the Colors, knowing how they relate to physical and emotional health, realizing the medicine each one brings us can change a life!


          Encourage your friends and family to enroll in The Color of the Week Self-Healing Program, so they too may have the opportunity to grow ever more into their potential as a human beings!


          This program is structured in such a way that a person may start any time of the year, and pick up right where we are in this annual cycle of learning.




 to yourself or a friend, spreading colorful energy

 into the lives of those you care about all year long!


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