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ColorPrint Books & Written Materials


  ColorPrint PORTFOLIO ~ A 40-page hard cover customized binder featuring your personal Primary ColorPrint information as well as a detailed overview of the ColorPrint Self-Awareness System. Download $30. Professionally printed $60, includes shipping.   


                      ColorPrint PRIMER ~ A 15-page soft cover personalized folder featuring your personal Primary ColorPrint information as well as a summary about the ColorPrint Self-Awareness System.  Download $10. Professionally printed $25, includes shipping.    


  ColorPrint INNER COLORPRINT SUPPLEMENT ~ A 20-page packet that includes your personal Inner ColorPrint and general Inner ColorPrint information.  Can be easily added to a Portfolio or Primer.  Download $20. Professionally printed $40, includes shipping.  


                     52 COLORS OF THE HUMAN RAINBOW Book ~ A beautiful 55-page hard cover binder that includes detailed information about each of the 52 Colors of consciousness that are the basis for the ColorPrint Self-Awareness System.   Download $40. Professionally printed $75, includes shipping.  


Colors of Consciousness CD's and Audios 

Do you want to understand each of the Colors of Consciousness on a deeper level and bring more of this consciousness into your life?  Jamie Champion speaks about all 52 of them, each available on CD or as an audio download.  The 30-minute recording ncludes positive and shadow aspects of the Color, corresponding affirmations and healing sounds, its relationship to physical and emotional health, plus more ideas to strengthen this part of your nature. CD: $10 ea., plus shipping.  Email download $7.50.


HoloChromatic Chart Series

Rich with ColorPrint information, as well as bright and beautiful for your wall.  Start with one or get the whole set: 

  Color Affirmations and Characteristics Chart ~ This chart is an easy way to reference all 52 Colors in the ColorPrint System, along with their associated affirmation, healthy characteristics, and ColorEssence.  Now, right at your fingertips, you will be able to quickly look up a Color, refresh your understanding, know which ColorEssence can support you, and use the affirmation to attune yourself to that consciousness!  (set of 2, 11”x17” laminated, $35)

                         Color Shadow Characteristics Chart ~ When you are out of balance, or what we call living in the ‘shadow’ of a Color (your ColorPrint Colors or any of the other 52 Colors of Consciousness), you may find yourself acting in ways that don’t support your highest good.  Denial of your shadows drains your energy, creates ill health, and prevents your fulfillment. Understanding and healing your shadows connects you to your unlimited potential.  This chart efficiently references the 52 Colors and the signs of their “contracted” or “excessive” manifestation that are indicative of imbalance, so that you can pinpoint those parts of yourself that need to be faced, healed, and integrated.  (set of 2, 11”x17” laminated, $35)
    Color Resonance Points Chart ~ Each Color resonates to specific points on the human body.  These Resonant Points connect every person to all the gifts of humanity, and provide a gateway to the expression of the unique traits inherent in each Color.  Pain and discomfort in any area of your body often have a relationship to the Color resonating to that area.  This chart graphically shows these points, giving you a perfect tool for addressing health issues, and providing a guide for knowing where on your body to topically apply one of the ColorEssences.  (single chart, 11”x17” laminated, $20)
                            Elemental Nutrition Chart ~ Earth Foods, Water Foods, Fire Foods, Air Foods, Space Foods – a great guide to eating for your ColorPrint listing over 200 foods.  All fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, herbs, and spices have a primary and secondary Universal Element, which explains how they energetically support and nourish you.  Each person is made up of a different Universal Elemental balance, and keeping our Elements in balance is the secret to health.  Food is vibration - choose to let it be medicine for your body, mind and spirit.  11”x17”, laminated, $20 plus shipping.  

***Purchase all 4 for $100


HoloChromatic ColorEssences  

Support your energetic well-being with these special elixirs carefully prepared in the HoloChromatic Apothecary.  There’s one for each Color of Consciousness.  Available as singles or in special packages.  Click on heading for more information.


Online Programs


Color of the Week Program ~ Focus your attention on one of 52 Colors in the ColorPrint System each week of the year!  Learn more about yourself, understand others, and enhance personal growth.  Includes weekly written information, exercises to strengthen this part of your consciousness, and a 40-minute educational recording by Jamie Champion, Developer of the ColorPrint System. Special packages also include HoloChromatic ColorEssences.  Click on heading for more information and to sign up.


Weekly Nutrition Plus Program ~ Increase your energy!  Impact your daily health and vibrancy level by applying practical life-changing suggestions provided in a 40-minute weekly educational recording by Jamie Champion, Developer of ColorPrint Nutrition and ColorPrint Therapeutics.  Click on heading for more information and to sign up.




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