The Inner ColorPrint


The ColorPrint is the core of the HoloChromatic System and describes your unique vibrational signature. It is made up of 14 specific Colors, each corresponding to a particular facet of your individual nature.  For ease of comprehension, you will learn about the 5 Colors of the Primary ColorPrint first.  Once you have begun to integrate those, it is then time to delve deeper into the remaining 9 Colors of your Inner ColorPrint.


The Inner ColorPrint describes what is essential for you to feel emotionally balanced and centered, what stimulates your mental sharpness and clarity, and what the prerequisites are for your optimal communication. These nine Colors work synergistically with your Primary ColorPrint.


Inner Environment Colors - along with your Physical Environment, reveals what elements help you most easily relax.


Inner Expression Colors - together with your Physical Expression, determines your avenue for success and fulfillment in your career and hobbies.


Inner Intimacy Colors - an extension of your Physical Intimacy, this describes how you nurture yourself and what you need to connect deeply with others.


Discover your Inner ColorPrint and deepen your understanding of who you are, the gifts you bring to humanity, and how to maximize your potential in life.


Discovery of your Inner ColorPrint


We will help you discover you Inner ColorPrint over three one-hour Inner ColorPrint Interpretation Sessions. In these sessions, your ColorPrint Consultant will be describing the gifts, talents, and needs of your Inner Colors, as well as their relationship with your Primary Colors (includes written information). $350


Benefits of understanding your Inner ColorPrint


    • Understand your emotional nature and learn to balance this facet of your being. 
    • Access more inspired communications, both verbal and written.
    • Sharpen your mental focus and strengthen your problem-solving ability.
    • Maximize your gifts and talents, live more passionately, and increase your life fulfillment.


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