Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many Colors do I have?


Fourteen Colors make up a person’s ColorPrint.  A Primary ColorPrint consists of five Colors.  The Inner ColorPrint consists of nine Colors.



Q: How many Colors are in the HLS ColorPrint System?


There are 52 color categories in the ColorPrint System.  All colors that the eye can see fit into one of these categories.



Q: How is a ColorPrint evaluated?


Unlike other personality tests, there are no questions to answer in order to discover your ColorPrint.  Who you are and what fulfills you is written energetically in your body's own cells.  Because of this, your ColorPrint can be evaluated in ten minutes by a trained consultant using a pulse analysis and kinesiology.



Q:  How long does a ColorPrint evaluation take?


It takes about 10 minutes to evaluate all 14 Colors.  An HLS Consultant will spend about 50 minutes explaining your Primary ColorPrint, which is the first five Colors.  The other nine Colors, which make up your Inner ColorPrint, can be explained in a follow up session that lasts about two hours.



Q: Does a person’s ColorPrint change?


No, a person’s ColorPrint does not change during their lifetime.  However, due to life experiences, stresses and personal growth, an individual will go through different stages of how “healthy” each Color is and how easily accessible it is in their life.



Q: Are the personality traits described by the Colors learned or are they innate?


A person’s Colors are innate.  Whether or not a person’s nature was nurtured is the critical question.  When a person’s natural nature is not nurtured, they are unhappy, unhealthy, unfulfilled, and uninspired.  When you know your ColorPrint, you have the keys to design a life that you love. 



Q: At what age does the average person’s ColorPrint get “locked in”?


A baby is born with the Environment Color.  The next four colors become strong enough to discern at about every three months, corresponding with developmental stages.  At 1 year, the infant’s Primary ColorPrint is fully present. The full ColorPrint development is completed by the age of 8.


Q: How do I find out what my colors are? Click here



Q: Are there bad colors?


There is no such thing as “good” Colors or “bad” Colors.  All Colors are necessary facets of being human, each having its distinctive expression, its needs to respect, its gifts to offer, and its lessons to teach.  Unfortunately, there are certain Color qualities that are not fully appreciated or understood in certain cultures.  The ColorPrint System builds bridges between people by acknowledging the greatness of every human being, appreciating the gifts of all the Colors and celebrating the diversity of the spectrum of humanity. 



Q: What does it mean if I really like a certain color? 


You may be attracted to a particular color because it is one of the Colors of your particular ColorPrint.  However, you may also be attracted to a certain Color because you are needing the 'medicine' that color has to offer.  For example, Yellow is the color of fun, joyfulness, and play.  You may find yourself wanting this color in your world because you are needing more of those qualities in your life, or because you have Yellow in your ColorPrint and having it around reminds you of who you inherently are, at an energetic level. 



Q:  What does it mean if I really dislike a certain color? 


Disliking a color also often means we are needing its medicine or nourishment desperately, but just as medicine doesn't always taste good, being around that color (or a person who has that Color in their ColorPrint) may be a painful reminder of how much we are suffering without those qualities in our life.


Q: How can I obtain information on all the Colors?


The Color of the Week Program is an incredible opportunity to hear the developer of The ColorPrint Personality Profiling System and ColorPrint Therapeutics, Jamie Champion, give weekly presentations and a live Q & A on one of the 52 Colors in the ColorPrint System. Click here to learn more.



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