How to Apply the ColorPrint:
  Practical Tips for Your (Inspired) Life



What is the ColorPrint?


          A person’s ColorPrint is made up of 14 specific Colors, each corresponding to a particular facet of their individual nature.  Learning about each of these Colors and how they interrelate is an invaluable tool for personal understanding and acceptance.

          The ColorPrint invites people to see themselves in a positive light and liberates them to live more fully into who they authentically are.  The color descriptions provide an affirmative, uplifting interpretation of our multihued human condition.   There is no such thing as “good” Colors or “bad” Colors.  All Colors are necessary components of humanity, each having its distinctive expression, its needs to respect, its gifts to offer, and its lessons to teach.  Unfortunately, there are certain Color qualities that are not fully appreciated or understood in certain cultures.  The ColorPrint System builds bridges between people by acknowledging the greatness of every human being, appreciating the gifts of all the Colors and celebrating human diversity. 


          There are no two ColorPrints exactly alike.  Just as a fingerprint ascertains our personal identity, our ColorPrint is the blueprint of our particular personality makeup.  Empirical evidence indicates that one’s ColorPrint is hereditary and unchanging.  While popular “aura photography” reveals various colors around us and how they change according to our mood, our HoloChromatic Colors are with us for life.


The Primary ColorPrint

            The Primary ColorPrint consists of five Colors.  These Colors correspond to five specific energy patterns that are found in all human beings.  These five patterns develop in the first year of our life and describe different aspects of our nature. Our own Colors that correspond to these patterns determine our individual make-up of inherent gifts, talents, and needs.  Ideally, as we grow, our lifestyle develops in harmony with these color patterns. 


The first Color is the Environment Color represents the environments in which you thrive and the manner in which you make decisions.


The second Color is the Expression Color describes the way you express yourself and make a difference in the world through your career and hobbies.


          The third Color is the Intimacy Color, which corresponds to your needs within intimate relationships and how you connect deeply with yourself, family and friends.

The fourth Color is the Life Force Color, which relates to the passionate guiding force in your life, providing energy for everything you do.


The fifth Color is the Intention Color, which represents the style with which you live your life and provides the backdrop for everything you do.

The Inner ColorPrint

           The Inner ColorPrint is made up of nine colors, divided into three categories: the Emotional Colors, the Communication Colors, and the Mental Colors.  These nine Inner Colors developmentally begin to show up between 15 months and 39 months old, starting first with our emotional colors, than our communication colors and lastly our mental colors.


The Emotional Colors describe how we keep ourselves emotionally stable and in balance with our environments, our careers and hobbies, and our intimate relationships.


The Communication Colors help us access our most inspired verbal and written communications as we interact in our environments, our careers and hobbies, and in our intimate relationships.


The Mental Colors are our guide to problem solving, and give us the ability to focus and stay mentally centered in our environments, our careers and hobbies, and our intimate relationships.


An interesting fact:  A baby is born with the Environment Color.  The next four colors become strong enough to evaluate every three months, corresponding with developmental stages.  At 1 year, the infant’s Primary ColorPrint is fully present. The full ColorPrint development is completed by the age of 8.


How do I discover my unique ColorPrint? 



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