The ColorPrint

Are you living an inspired life?
~ Discover your life's purpose
~ Find passion with your career choice
~ Create healthy ways to experience deeper love and appreciation

 ~ Enhance your self-esteem
Your ColorPrint holds the keys to creating the life of your dreams!
The ColorPrint is a personality profile based on the energy currents of the human body. Every human being has a unique set of colors which resonate to those energy currents. Each color in the ColorPrint Personality Profiling System corresponds to a specific set of personality traits, needs, gifts and talents.
Unlike other personality profiles, there are no questions to answer in order to discover your ColorPrint. Who you are and what fulfills you is written energetically in your body’s own cells. Because of this, your ColorPrint can be evaluated in ten minutes by a trained consultant using a pulse analysis and kinesiology.
Your ColorPrint specifies distinct aspects of your unique nature. The information it provides can guide you in living a fulfilling and purposeful life. It will indicate your inborn gifts and talents, and help you in unlocking your potential.
When you aren’t living an inspired life, you not only cheat yourself, you cheat everyone around you. If you hide your gifts, or hide from your gifts, you do not give the world the opportunity to benefit fully from your presence.
Discover Your ColorPrint and live authentically,
 aligned with the gifts you were born to share with the world.
ColorPrint brochures  are available online to print for yourself and others.
An Introduction to the ColorPrint and The Colors of Humanity Workshop  is a 40-minute audio presentation available online to give you a brief understanding of the ColorPrint System, including answers to frequently asked questions.
Read about Jamie Champion, the developer of The ColorPrint Personality Profiling System.  
Read Our Vibrations are Living Color, a news article about the ColorPrint system that was originally printed in the Charlottesville, VA publication, Echo, in May of 2004.  

Jamie and Chaya Grace Champion, ColorPrint Developers
Learn about all the Colors in the ColorPrint System in the
Discover how to use their gifts to support your personal growth,
establishing greater balance and well being.
Learn nutritional guidelines for increased health
and vibrancy in the new Weekly Nutrition Plus Program!




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